How To Repair Window and Door Screen Holes – Buy Window Screen Tape

Window & Door Screen Repair Tape - Instantly Fix and Repairs Holes In The HomeAre you looking online on how to repair tears and holes in window screens and door screens? Trust me I’ve been there! Now you are able to buy window screen tape that instantly repairs tears and holes. I wish I would have known about this product in the past. As we all know accidents can happen when your moving in or out of a house or apartment. Well when we were moving years ago now I had to fix and repair a door screen. It’s something I’ve never done before but luckily my brother-in-law worked at Targets Windows & Doors in Moncton and he came over to fix it.

For all those people out there who don’t know where to start to repair window screens now you have window screen tape that will help you. If your looking at a quick fix to repair those holes in the window or door screen to keep those mosquitoes out of your home you should buy some window screen tape. This will quickly repair the hole so you don’t get eaten alive this spring and summer by mosquitoes.

The window screen tape  makes no need in replacing torn and damaged screens. The real fibreglass mesh material applies to screens easily. It’s exactly like tape! What’s nice about window screen tape is you hardly even notice a repair was made as it blends right in. The window screen tape comes in two colours, black and silver.

So if you don’t know where to start in repairing window and door screens you need this tape. If your husband is not a handy man, then you need this tape. Now you can repair the window screen yourself and not have to wait till he has time. Anyone can make simple repairs to screens around the house with window screen tape. A home owner’s dream to simple home repairs!

Window Screen Tape
HC3600 Black
HC3601 Silver

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